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Marching into March...

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As we enter the last full month of summer, we intend to make the very most of the sunny days and light nights. We recommend that everyone join us on this bandwagon by sticking to fresh icy cocktails, crisp wines, and al fresco dining.

To solve all last-minute picnic stress, we have created hampers for you to order & pick up that include all the little extras that make outdoor dining an absolute pleasure.

We have an option to suit every palate.

Our ‘Amisfield Brut 2018’ hamper is $172 to rent (+ $50 deposit) or $242 to buy if you would like to impress and arrive with a professional picnic set up- this includes everything in the picture- minus the flowers...

Also, don’t forget that we deliver for free to Wanaka/ Albert Town & Hawea if you are planning a gathering or would like to gift someone...

March is a winner for many reasons.

From the A+P Show, to Rieslings birthday on the 13th, St Patrick's day on the 17th and 15% OFF all Tasting paddles, there are multiple occasions to celebrate!

We are absolutely delighted that the A+P Show is set to go ahead for the 84th time bringing many friendly faces back to town. We look forward to welcoming you all for a refreshing post show drink... Why not a Riesling?

Did you know that over 90% of NZ Riesling is produced in the South Island due to the bright days, cool nights and long, dry autumns? This creates the perfect climate for this grape to thrive. If you would like to enjoy the perfect NZ Riesling experience, the optimal drinking temperature is 7 degrees Celsius…

From having travelled over the years, we have seen how St Patricks Day is celebrated so differently around the world from Ireland, to the USA and Europe. From ‘end of the rainbow’ treasure hunts to Irish feasts, jigging and getting extremely green for the day- how/ if you celebrate is completely up to you! At PWSW, we will be creating special green kiwi cocktails, enjoying plenty of Guinness and having good craic with our friends- new & old.

As you know, people mean a lot to us at PWSW, which has been a big factor in our next decision…

Pembroke Wine & Spirit events always contain 3 essential ingredients:

Quality Beverages (Wines, beers, or craft spirits)

Education (Developing one’s knowledge of the area)

Mingling (Being a social occasion for people to come together)

We have concluded that until there is some stability in remaining at level 1, we cannot organise ticketed social events while we are limited to table service.

Can't wait that long? Round up your friends & join us at PWSW. Keep in mind that we have the largest selection of wine available in Wanaka for you to enjoy either at home or in store- simply select any bottle from the shelf (corkage charges apply).

If you are interested in attending one of our future events, sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear our news.

Thank you for your understanding.

All our best,

The Team @PWSW

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