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Our home delivery service begins...

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As from tomorrow- the 9th of April, we are back in business to have you and your bubble covered for all of your beverage needs. Cheers!

As far as this lockdown is concerned... Where better to be than in Wanaka?

We hope that everyone is staying safe, remaining positive and keeping spirits up (haha).

Our team in the boutique bottle shop will begin twice weekly deliveries; on Tuesdays & Fridays. Now, not to confuse anyone, however, this weekend is Easter (we know, it's hard to keep track... It's a little groundhog-day-ish) so, we will be delivering on Saturday the 11th as a one off. Please bear in mind that there are restrictions on orders (maximum quantities) and that we are doing our very best to source everything that you may need however, only some of our industry are able to operate so please be patient with us. For those of you that have been getting creative with cocktails, we have limited quantities of certain liquors available until lockdown is over so we apologise in advance if you miss out... It really is a first come, first served sort of situation!

Key info about our delivery service

  • You can download our order form here- please note there is space to write down any additional requests.

  • Orders can be made by email or phone on:, 03 443 7818 or 021 258 1871.

  • Our office hours are 10am-5pm Weekdays.

  • Deliveries take place on Tuesdays & Fridays. Orders taken prior to 5pm on Monday will be delivered on Tuesday, and 5pm on Thursday will be delivered on Friday.

  • Orders must be paid for in full prior to delivery, this can be done by telephone- 03 443 7818.

  • Same day deliveries are not permitted.

  • Maximum Quantities: 3x Spirits (1.125ml) AND 6x Bottle of Wine/ Sherry/ Port/ Champagne OR Beers (12x 330ml, or10x 440ml). Note that you can pick & mix on Beer & Wine however, a maximum of 4.5litres is permitted.

  • We are taking every precaution possible to ensure our shop & service are operated in a sanitary & safe manner.

  • This service is strictly for over 18s only.

Our team behind the scenes will be sharing daily activities on our social media to keep you entertained and please feel free to contact them via facebook if you are lonely, even for some simple banter... Generally, we are always online and we have your back.

We are all in this together :)

The team at PWSW

03 443 7818 or 021 258 1871

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