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Proud New Owners of PWSW...

You may have already heard on the grapevine that Pembroke Wines & Spirits Wanaka has proud new owners. Nadia & Troy Davidson acquired PWSW in December 2018 in its 24th year of operation having admired the business and its offerings for many years.  With a lifetime of experience in hospitality, Nadia & Troy met in 2001 in Grand Bahamas while working as an Interior Manager and Head Chef in the luxury yachting industry.  They have 44 years of combined experience in yachting where guest experience is paramount and are delighted to begin the journey of moulding PWSW into their vision of a warm & welcoming ‘home from home’ for the community and visitors alike. 

Wanaka has been home to Troy since he was 11 years old and the Davidson family as a unit since 2011. After Nadia’s first visit in 2008, they returned to yachting with having made up their minds that there was nowhere on earth that they would rather bring up their family.  Troy summarises it perfectly, “Wanaka is a special place. It means everything to us & although we can see the town is growing fast, we hope it retains the authentic charm that is individual to it”.

Pembroke Wines & Spirits was established in 1994 as Fine Wines and evolved into a one of a kind experience in Wanaka.  Combining the concepts of a boutique bottle shop & lounge bar, the previous owners did a wonderful job of creating such a special business that has grown into a local institution.     

Since taking ownership, the Davidsons journey with PWSW has been quite the whirlwind, getting to know the world that surrounds the business and embracing current operations before defining what the future looks like.  When asked what we can look forward to in the coming months, Nadia let us in on their vision, “We would like to keep the same relaxing formula and add our own signature, giving our guests and customers a taste of the world we have experienced.  We love quality and unique options”. 

Options are something that Pembroke Wine & Spirits exude.  Did you know that they have:

Over 80 whiskeys available by the glass

A range of nibbles from smoked salmon to mussels and gourmet crackers readily available for you to take home for your aperitives.

At least 50 craft beer options

Convenient opening hours; 10-8/late every day

Over 150 international personally selected wines ranging in price from $10 - $900, giving you a wine for every occasion

A relaxed meeting room (up to 16 guests) for all your community & corporate gatherings

Free local wedding advice

More than 10 champagne options

Professional & personal service from experts

If you haven’t had the time to go to Pembroke Wines & Spirits to peruse their range of exquisite products in the boutique bottle shop, we fully recommend you do.  Make sure to leave enough time to sit and relax in the lounge area to enjoy a rare glass of fine wine, bubbles, or craft beer accompanied with a delicious platter…

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