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Calling all Whiskey lovers!

Today just might be your lucky day! Did you know that we have over 80 whiskeys available to enjoy in our lounge bar? For this coming summer we are hoping to limit our whiskey list to only feature our favourites but… after drinking 80 whiskeys, we might not be the best ones to make the choice so we need YOU.

A fine glass of Whiskey

We are hosting ‘A great whiskey lock in’ on the 31st of October and we have limited tickets available.  Consider the event a whiskey tasting with a twist!

The concept is simple- you choose your 5 whiskeys for tasting and help us by grading them.  We will gather all of your thoughts & feedback and our team create our whiskey list with you in mind…

Ticket price includes whiskeys & nibbles. 6.30pm start. $75 per person.

Contact to arrange tickets or sign up to our mailing list below to keep up to date for next time!

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